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about the project

SewRaw is a unisex footwear brand dedicated to pairing traditional construction with modern design. SewRaw shoes are handcrafted by lifelong craftsmen in Thailand and are machine-stitched twice to extend the lifespan of the shoes. SewRaw offers shoes casual enough for everyday and refined enough for the workplace.

Inspired by modern architecture, the collection aims to achieve a minimal timelessness considering patina a design aspect. Our factories and suppliers share our infatuation with quality and offer competitive minimum order quantities allowing design versatility and sustainability.Our shoes are twice-stitched, once from the upper through the insole and midsole, and once through the midsole and the sole. This is a traditional Blake construction with a few additions allowing comfort, stability, and longevity.

We sourced from the highest quality Thai tanneries – inspecting hides before and after dye processes to ensure quality and strength. Patterns are strategically cut to avoid inherent weaknesses in leather and to minimize waste. We sourced from factories with verification of no Chromium-6 and leather scraps are repurposed while dye water is treated.

From the color and thickness of the shoelaces to the shoebox construction and finish, we personally designed everything leaving nothing up to chance. Every pair of shoes comes wrapped in a breathable shoebag, sticker-sealed and protected by a high quality box made of 2mm thick ultra-dense chipboard and covered by a textured, scratch resistant paper.