reality factory




east los angeles


karen lange


reality tv studio + low income housing


about the project

Understanding privacy as a commodity, this project provides publicly subsidized housing at the cost of human privacy. The Reality Factory is a place where the public can witness the fabricated nature of reality depicted through media and it's correlation to our lives and behavior. The premise of social media is an intrusion no different from the human zoos of the last century --- what is different is the proliferation of mass consent and the transformation of voyeurs into willing participants. 

The power of Reality TV is exposing what is usually kept private. Because of this trend, we have regressed into idiosyncratic perversions, guilty pleasures. In television, behavior "faked" by actors is used for our enjoyment having real consequences on societal values.

The Reality Factory aims to feed our infatuation with voyeurism through visualization and participation creating a reverse catalyst for societal values --- a factory in which realities are fabricated and the opportunity for visitors to perform in it. The Reality Factory is an architecture that provides opportunities to see and be seen, to reward those who are willing to expose themselves and be transformed by editors and misunderstood by society, and to define voyeurism in the modern age.