meat packing district, new york


thomas fowler


rejuvenation center + spa


about the project

The site is located on the corner of West. 18th St. and 10th Ave. in New York. Running along the Northwest edge of the site is the Highline, a raised industrial railroad completed in 1934 to link industrial buildings and move rail traffic off the streets. Recently landscaped in 2009, James Corner headed the operation to redesign the long stretch of abandoned railroad. 

Acknowledgement of the recently landscaped Highline involved the acceptance of the old industrial Highline as an organism in a state of decay in New York’s Urban Ecology. The Highline acts as a parasite taking advantage of the railroad to create growth, in this case an experiential space. The Re-Ligare Institute is thus accessible from both the street level and from the Highline. Stacked shipping container modules connected by walkways create a labyrinth of indoor and outdoor spaces as well as a private and public spaces. The roof structures serve as a continuation of the Highline's landscape while a kinetic skin captures light energy.