regent ulaanbaatar




ulaanbaatar, mongolia


blink design group


hotel & office pitch


about the project

Regent Mongolia is situated just across the street from the Ulaanbaatar Parliament Building in Chinggis Khaan Square. Known for its cold temperatures, Regent Mongolia is a warm lighthouse with indoor amenities for year-round use. Clad in a vernacular stone, bronze accents and metallic screens contrast a frigid atmosphere. With a maximum height of 108 meters, luxury is defined by a 4 meter typical floor-to-floor height and a central core as home to separated office and hotel entrances. Raised from the street, the drop-off acts as a red carpet for hotel guests and ballroom events. As a 12 meter feature suspended 6 meters from the ground, the ballroom and business center initiate a sense of luxury from the base of the tower rippling up through a slanted metal-framed facade.